“If people say, after seeing a performance of mine, "That really disturbed me," I'm like, ‘Yes!’”


Bambi the Mermaid is a conceptual visual and performance artist making strange and unusual images of "beauty" on stage and in photography. Galleries around the world have shown her self-portrait photography series, Bambi: Freak Pin-ups, which were featured at Deitch Projects as part of the 2007 Womanizer exhibition. She is currently working on a new series of underwater Germ Pin-ups, inspired by sexy Protozoa, virus, mold, ameoba and other cells.

Bambi produces New York's oldest and longest-running neo burlesque show, Coney Island's famed Burlesque at the Beach, now beginning its 16th season.  Burlesque at the Beach is THE crown jewel of New York's burlesque scene, priding itself on unlimited, UNcensored acceptance of the most extreme and avant-garde burlesque performances.

Whether appearing as a lobster or laying a hard-boiled egg onstage (which she promptly eats), Bambi the Mermaid — the “Queen of Coney Island”  — is burlesque royalty. She is also a member of the cult glam-punk band, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black.

In EXPOSED, Bambi the Mermaid performs Lilith, All of Me, Cornstar.

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