Mat Fraser

“If you can make the audience laugh and make a political point that fuels your outrage at the same time, all the better.”


Awarded by the Queen, a regular face on British TV in dramas and documentaries, Mat Fraser (aka “The Seal Boy”) has also been working in modern sideshow for over 10 years, in cabaret for 20 years, and in neo burlesque since 2003. He created his own ribald series, Mat Fraser’s Sex Variety Cabaret, which played to sold-out audiences, and he hosted The Whoopee Club in its early days, including its first Edinburgh Festival outing back in 2005, when it was the only burlesque show in town.

He is arguably the UK’s best-known disabled performer, a banner he proudly and provocatively waves. He recently hosted the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in London, and drummed with Coldplay at the closing ceremony.

Having established himself in Britain, he launched a successful career in New York on the burlesque scene. He regularly hosts and performs at such famous venues as The Slipper Room, Burlesque on the Beach in Coney Island, and The Box, amongst others, and has become the favourite freaky Brit member of this crazy community of loving outsiders.

One particular American performer stole his heart. He and the legendary Julie Atlas Muz married on May 6th 2012, 6 years and one day after they first met performing in a burlesque show at Sideshow by The Seashore.

Fraser keeps up a bi-continental schedule, co-running a monthly burlesque & variety joint in London called Sleaze, and he regularly hosting the Abnormally Funny People comedy show at the Soho Theatre. With his wife, Julie, he tours internationally with their show, The Freak & The Showgirl.

Fraser appreciates cabaret because it allows him to create an immediate and visceral connection with his audience, for which he is famous. And burlesque affords him the opportunity to exercise his gift for giving comedic form to his activist tropes, in the process exorcising demons, spreading love, or just showing off – all of which he does with irresistible charm.

In EXPOSED, Mat Fraser performs The Arms, Criptease, Tribute to Dutch Culture, Santa Sangre, and American Trilogy.

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Julie Atlas Muz & Mat Fraser are perfoming “Beauty and the Beast” at the Abron Arts Center. You can read more in the New York Times.