“What has been seen cannot be unseen.”


Rose Wood is a transgender performance artist acclaimed for brutally frank commentary on social mores and hypersexuality. She forged her "trans-aggressive" approach -- wicked, yet joyously humane-- in New York City, where she has been featured at The Box nightclub since 2006.  Along the way, she has thrilled, terrified, and stunned a celebrity clientele at The Box in London, and at myriad venues in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Ibiza, Stockholm, and Germany.

Born in New Jersey, Rose Wood graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA Honors.  She got her start in theater at age 12, doing a vaudeville act in local community theater cabaret shows, and continued to study and perform as a magician for a number of years. She is also trained in dance, clowning, stand-up and improv comedy. In addition to her full-time performance career, Rose has simultaneously run an antique restoration, furniture design & fabrication company for 25 years, a Yoga and Meditation Center for the same length of time, and an AIDS organization for 18 years. These pursuits have very strongly influenced her work on stage.

In EXPOSED, Rose Wood performs Fan Dance, Rabbi Rosenwood, I'm A Man, and Serial Killer.

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