“If you've got some really extreme position that you want to shove down someone’s throat, a good way to open that throat up is to get ‘em laughing.”


Known as The Original King of Boylesque and The Godfather of Neo-Boylesque, James Tigger! Fergusonis aStripperformance Artist/Actor/Dancer who has performed in New York & abroad since 1988. A pioneer in the ‘90s burlesque revival, he began stripping in 1992, and is a leading influence in the international scene, having performed in Australia, Italy, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Cyprus, UK Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Canada, and all around the US.

Tigger! won the first King of Boylesque title at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas 2006, and has won several Golden Pastie Awards, including Most Likely to Get Shut Down by the Law and Most Unpredictable Performer. His act was banned in Rome's Gay Village in 2011.

He has acted in Shakespeare, Apollinaire, Wedekind, Horváth, Williams & in numerous original works with Taylor Mac, Julie Atlas Muz & other geniuses.

Critics have acclaimed him as "the Boylesque King...a heart-pounding climax" (LA Weekly); "hysterical and acrobatic" and "wickedly arch" (The New York Times); "disturbing, funny and oddly riveting all at once"  (Vancouver Sun); "delightful...simultaneously hilarious and titillating" (TheaterMania); "a brilliant satirist" (examiner.com); "the taboo-defying dynamo" (NEXT Magazine).

In EXPOSED, Tigger! performs En-GULF-ed and Lily La Tigresse.

For more information about Tigger!  www.tiggertiger.com